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Rising up from deep musical roots in America's heartland, The Cherokee Maidens, along with their star-studded band, Sycamore Swing, pay homage to the past.

Think Bob Wills meets the Andrews Sisters.

The melodic braid of these three maidens is time-tested. Robin Macy has sung up and down the I-35 corridor for decades. Together with red-dirt girl Monica Taylor and bluegrass virtuoso, Lauren White, you've got signature three-part harmonies that weave their way into your heart.

Their latest recording, My Dixie Darling, is all about bloodlines-the prodigious Eicher and White families come together with a shared passion for the past. This third time around, country swing legend Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel also croons a tune.


photos by: Tobie Andrews and Heather Boyce-Broddle